I'm sincerely honoured to be evaluated to shoot your wedding!

I believe hiring a wedding photographer is more than just choosing someone's photos you like best, and you are with your photographer (and videographer) through your wedding day, so establishing a relationship and feeling a close connection is important.

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We're all "reportage" photographers and videographers, which means we let the day pass as it has to, without any interference, with huge discretion, so that you can spend all the time with your friends and families, we're always there if you'll ask for a photo (such as family portraits) but sometimes we do not spend even a minute for "posed pictures", we just chase and capture the most emotional moments of the wedding day.

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That's our main skill, moreover, we're trying to focus a bit more on the groom, the bride is the most important obviously, we'd like just to involve him a bit more, to let him feel important too, 'cause we really believe he is. That's why I'd like to know each other at least a little bit, instead of sending you a mere preventive, as many photographers and videographers do. Would you mind to write me a little about where are you from, how did you two meet, what's your story, it does really matter and will help you to have better memories, and a better experience working together. That's what make our services completely different from the others, we’ll capture moments that you'll really care for.

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Everyone is unique, and different, and everyone has his own flaws, and skills, and character and that’s what make you special, and I firmly believe a person has to be accepted, and loved, as she is.
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We’re working only with a selected clientele, and the couples are choosing us, to be their wedding photographers, for what we believe in. We don’t value the people for what they have, and we’d like to attract people like us.

I’ve always accepted and loved people simply for what they are.

Every collection includes


A Client Portal will be assigned to you when you book your wedding. This web page will have all your photography and videography documents in one place. You can reference your client portal at any time to look at your wedding contract, invoice, vendor list, and calendar and you’ll have your web gallery there, as your wedding pictures and wedding film, will be ready.

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When your wedding photos have been finished, you will be able to view and download them into your web gallery, so there isn't a worry about losing the photos.

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Giuliano is a digital and film analog photographer, he shoots his photographs in both digital and film formats. If you love the aesthetic, mood and feels of film photography and are interested in having Giuliano shoot a few rolls on your wedding day, even all the wedding, let him know! With natural light he will chase and capture amazing film photographs!


You will have the opportunity to be a part of the Daisy And Myrtle Facebook group after you book your wedding. This group is a community setting where you can ask questions, hear from other brides, and obtain resources you didn't even know you needed!

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2 Photographers
€300/h of coverage

1 Photographer
€200/h of coverage

Peak Schedule

Every wedding is different, prices listed above are indicative only. Elopements, rehearsal dinner, spans across peak / off-peak times, off-peak rates may changes.

Peak Seasons
June 1 – September 30


We limit the number of bookings. We take on a maximum of 20 client commissions per yearI'd love to discuss your wedding experience, you can contact me at any time on Skype add me as Giuliano Bausano damstudio.com or via phone call at +39 335 5452248. As every wedding is different, of course, require a different preventive. For elopements and low season weddings, we start from 200 Euro per hour of coverage, with a minimum of 4h of coverage, and there’s a gift for the collections including both wedding photography and videography.


Your wedding is so soon.

Plan and schedule everything, just don’t forget to take your time to enjoy it.



Best photographer around!

“Best photographer and videographer around! Absolutely cherish our video and was a delight to work with. Anyone getting married in Italy needs to use Giuliano!”

Ciara Kinkead, Park hotel Villa Grazioli, Rome


“He is professional and a very kind person. He was interested in culture, people, habits of our country. I was very surprised. Thanks Giuliano, we have amazing memories”

Katka & Martin - Bratislava

Everything we wanted and more.

“Magical and stunning output! We were so pleased. Giuliano was truly a professional! He had this amazing ability for coming up close without feeling of intrusion.

Julie & Kenneth


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