Which are the costs of having a wedding abroad and why choosing to have it?

Many brides are pretty surprised at the costs of having a wedding abroad. Please, first of all, if your guests are booking flights, traveling long time in a car, taking time off work, getting hotel rooms for multiple nights in a hotel (most weddings I go to I spend the night in a hotel for one night), spending money eating out etc., you should probably "step it up" when it comes to hosting.

Family connection. One of the best parts about having a destination wedding is to spend nearly a week in a wine country, a coastal area, wherever it is, it will be with your closest friends and family. By the time your wedding day will be there, you will have already spent time with about 95% of your guests, which meant that you’ll feel no pressure to have to do the obligatory "rounds" at your wedding. 

The best part of the entire destination wedding planning process is how close your families and friends became on our wedding week. The time you’ll spend together, and memories you’ll make during your wedding week, will be absolutely priceless, and you will forever be thankful that you brought your families together in such a beautiful way.

Said that, I did a very small survey, between my own couples, forum and social networks, and, it’s primarily based on where you’re choosing to held your wedding, or maybe it's just the typical cost. So I thought it would be helpful to past here few interesting feedback I had, from other brides having their wedding abroad, in particular destination wedding to Italy or to the south of Europe.

It’s to check what other couples have or are looking to spend; and maybe if you could let me know how many people, where and if you had any big extras, this post will help others too?

  1. We are getting married in Spain. (Denia). It’s costing around about 4,000. With 38 adults 9 children and that sounds great, would love to know more as I am getting crazy quotes as well.

  2. I’m getting married at the hotel. We have family ties to the area so it’s all lovely as makes it cheaper for us all to stay!

  3. I’m spending £9,000 for 51guest in north of Italy! This includes planner fees all paperwork, castle ceremony, boat trip, evening reception sit down meal, dj, photographer, flowers, hair & make up, all inclusive beer and wine, decoration of venue cake.

  4. I’ll spend approximately 7k Euro and I’m getting married in Greece, all inclusive too. It’s not a commercial and very popular venue, where I’m getting married, it’s very traditional not your usual wedding destination like Santorini/Mykonos etc. We are using the weddings planner. It’s so is beautiful, the views from the castle are gorgeous

  5. Actual wedding cost was less than £4k for 28 people in Mexico. I booked flights with Thomas cook and wedding and hotel rooms direct with the hotel.

  6. See already, these prices are SIGNIFICANTLY different to the quotes I am getting. Like super different! Is it something about Como lake or Garda lake weddings? That's one avenue of our searches and we were blown away by quotes of £20k plus!

  7. We started out looking at Venice, Italy, and it was the same price as getting married in the U.K. so we opted for Tuscany. 10 nights, room with a swim up pool. 30 guests. We’re spending about £13k on everything. Then £2k on a party when we get home.

Casina Valadier Rome Wedding-14.jpg

8. we’re doing everything in a 5 star hotel but if you want a nice rustic venue the Agreco Farm in Crete is lovely, and that came in budget too, we just preferred the idea of a nice hotel in the end.

9. £25k so far, Sicily-70 guests. Biggest cost for us has been the catering. Some things have been insanely expensive. If you want to have the peace of mind about everything, it’s more expensive. My advice, to go cheap, is to try seek out the local suppliers yourself rather than relying on planners, vendors, etc

10. All in 15k including contingency of 2k, with 64 people in Umbria with a free bar. Guests are staying 5nights and get breakfast and dinner with 2 hours free flow alcohol every night and transport from the airport to the venue and they will pay around £360pp . Only thing I won’t pay for is my dress, my mum is paying that.

11. Santorini and Mykonos are known for being expensive, if you want cheap I would look elsewhere in Greece x

12. I’m getting married in Santorini and haven’t reached the $10,000 yet. I have 2 venues, MUA, Dj, entertainment, cake, photographer. Decor. We are planning for about 50 people. Still working on head count. But it’s how do you plan the wedding. We did everything by ourselves. Most of the popular venues there doesn’t allow you to customize your wedding. I have venetsanos for ceremony and Mario’s for reception.

13. We paid about £12k can’t remember exactly (except honeymoons- yes we had 2 for everything with about 65 guests in Portugal (near Lisbon). This included: venue hire, dinner at the venue for 20 the night before, accommodation for us for 3 nights (we then moved from the venue to our mini moon), catering (canapés & cocktails; 4 course meal; cake, buffet of cheeses, sweets, prawns and crab in the evening, open bar with a big selection available all day), decor (could’ve been all provided by the catering at no extra cost but I did a lot of it myself as I run my own business of Origami flowers and decor), all day photographer (with engagement session). all day DJ plus a duet for 3 hours for ceremony and cocktail hour, celebrant and legal paperwork in both countries (because I’m Portuguese so had to register the wedding there even though we did the legal side of it in the UK), transport for guests who here staying in Lisbon, Outfits for us, parts of the outfits for the groomsmen, bridesmaids, hair and makeup for me and bridesmaids, gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents, favours, stationery, (I may be forgetting something), I would say that the suppliers we picked were mid to high range so it could be done cheaper. It was a wonderful day and I highly recommend Portugal for weddings. Forgot to say, our wedding started at 2pm and finished around midnight but could’ve gone for as long as we wanted without paying any extra.

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14. £15k Villa in South of France for 50 guests including appetisers, 3 course meal, ice cream cart, crêpe trolley (for nighttime snacks), all drinks and extra bottles of wine etc that lasted the day of the wedding and the days after. Also included a full week stay at the villa for the bridal party of 14 people

15. We’re getting married in Icmeler turkey, £3500 with 35 guests included everything, photographer flowers all inclusive drinks for guest paperwork the lot.

16. I paid £6k all included , food flowers DJ ,cocktail hour, musicians , planner , beach side venue. Ceremony on the beach. 50guests , St.Lucia.

17. We’re spending 10k in Tuscany for 60 people. Guest pay roughly 150 a person to stay for 2 night.

18. Castle In France 40 guests just under £9k and Uk Party 250 guests £2.5k

19. We have to book the estate for weekend or week. Up to 27 guests. Self catering. That’s not included in the figures cos everyone’s paid for themselves £265 pp

20. I’ve been quoted about $30k AUD which is about £16k to get married in Hawaii. That doesn’t include the videographer, clothing, flights, accommodation, etc

21. We are coming in about £7k in Cyprus. But this is everything and paying for 3 grown up kids! This is dress etc too. Marrying on a beach, then have a 2 hour free bar and canapes on beach, open top bus tour for everyone back to villa, reception at villa on the roof terrace, hiring tables, chairs and linen, have a mobile BBQ man, 2 drinks servers. Live singer, all alcohol, dj, planner, 2 photographers all day, cake, flowers, flights. We have 30 guests. Also second week we are staying in a 4 star adults only hotel all inclusive.

22. I’m hoping Croatia, thought it would be cheap but the venue we want the reception has a minimum spend of €12,500 for the day including food and drink, we just need to pay for the ceremony which will be about €1000 and then on top flowers, dj and photographer.. so looking around £13k which isn’t really cheap!

23. I am looking at Mallorca and we are trying to get it all in under 5k. We’re having to be super super creative as every quote we got was expensive and we only have 60 guests. We have found a few ways to achieve it and are flying over to the island to make some decisions first week of March. So our options are to get a nice restaurant in a pretty setting (for me country rustic) to hold it and then the venue and catering is all covered and they can easily do a bar later in the day where guests pay for themselves. Or alternatively we are going to hire a Finca and get a catering company in to do a BBQ for our guests. It’s possible if you are happy to do a lot of inquiring and leg work yourself. But unfortunately budget and stress free do not go together

24. I spent less than 12k and had 80 people in Mexico. I used modern destination weddings and I can’t say enough about how great they were. I had amazing flowers, food, and decor.

25. We told our planner that our hard budget number was 11k and that we wouldn't spend anything more. They worked with that number.

What about your wedding? Please leave me a note, it will help the next bride!