How did you personalise your wedding?

It may be hard to find how to make your wedding unique, to make it personal, different from all the others. A bride may feel like her wedding is a bit too traditional for her liking and she may not know how to personalise it up. That’s why I’m trying to write a few hints and suggestions about how did other brides personalised their wedding day:

  1. you may start asking yourself questions: forget about your wedding for a sec and think about your best moments, with your best friends.. it may help. What do you love to do, alone or together, in your spare time?

  2. If you’ll have shared (or even solo!) hobbies, you may think about to incorporate them. If your fiancé is a big into craft beer, you may add touches of that into the decor (though not in a college keg party way). Like amber glass beer growlers for centrepieces with the table numbers stencilled on them, and hops flowers incorporated into your floral arrangements. Even if you’re a sucker for artwork of animals wearing people clothes, your invites are going to have cute critters dressed up in wedding clothes on them.

  3. You may try to use your wedding to tell your guests your love story. What you love to do, what you love to eat, the colours you love, how you met, where you’ve traveled. Make a list of these things and then make a list of wedding details ( cake, food, drinks, paper goods, decor, ceremony, etc etc) and see how you can match a personal element to each thing (ie. your favourite cocktails as welcome drinks , favourite foods on the menu ....your love timeline on some signs)

  4. You may try to make our wedding more personal a few different ways, because structurally your wedding could be pretty traditional. You may have a lots of pictures. Your table numbers may be picture frame stands with pictures in them that you may order chronologically, from your first picture together - to your engagement pictures. You may also included pictures of yourself and your husband’s parents if they’re still married, because that’s pretty rare and it shape you as a couple for sure. Those may stand on the gift table. Then you could personalise signage, readings/preachings in your ceremony, etc. Your favorite types of wine and beer may come at hand. And lastly you may have a cardboard cut out of your cat/dog (if he can’t fly there with you) and that would be such a personal touch, because everyone knows how much you love your dog, right? Also the music selection may be super specific.

  5. You may have people sign a wooden letter that is now hung in our home instead of a traditional guest book. And couple choose to have an hour glass for the unity ceremony. The hourglass could be personalised with your names and date. So that would be also just a little twist on the traditional sand ceremony.

  6. Table numbers and cake toppers are both easy ways to add personality. Just look at the history of why certain traditions are a thing, so that you could own the symbolism of them or know exactly why you were throwing them deep, deep in the bucket. You may also made up a photo scavenger hunt, for the guests to do to your tables.

  7. Your unity ceremony could be making a root beer float! You may have a big sweet tooth, so you'll scoop the ice cream, and root beer as his/her favorite soda, so she'll pour that, it could all be in a custom etched glass with your names and date, and you'll have straws and spoons to drink from it together.

  8. Think about your perfect day, and incorporate those elements. Your perfect day would include coffee, wine, your dogs, and if it will be outside, you may include all of those in our wedding. Your FH loves bourbon? Cigars? So you’ll may have those too.

  9. Not traditional is also a string quartet playing Harry Potter, Lana del Rey or something like that, and you walking down the aisle to the Game of thrones theme.

  10. You could mix up the order of event a bit. Do a big toast as you leave the ceremony with your favourite drink (alcoholic or not), something like that.

  11. You may actually question EVERYTHING! You may want or not a veil, the wedding dress colour, sometimes it might be as simple as taking what you have and re-assigning meaning to it. Also - side note on the veil: you may buy a sand/gold/ivory coloured veil (not traditional white) and ended up LOVING the view from inside walking down the aisle.

  12. Getting ready, ring exchange and vows, wedding cake and its cutting moment, could be changed and personalised as well.

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