Petroia Castle Umbria Wedding - Can you fly with your wedding dress?

How does one get their wedding dress to another country?

I’m very happy to share these gorgeous pictures of these two amazing guys and I’m using this opportunity to write about something you need to know if you’re planning your destination wedding abroad (in Italy in particular) so how does one get their wedding dress to another country? Many brides definitely don’t want to risk checking their dress and losing their bag or even having it stolen. Whatever shape it may have, a mermaid style or a simple one, the dress and the garment bag may be poofy on the bottom. As far as I know, a friend of mine which is a wedding coordinator was telling me that you can buy special boxes for your wedding dress and some dress shop packed them into the bride’s hand luggage case the day before they flew out. Last week the bride told me: “I packed mine myself in my carry-on (A-line dress with three layers of tulle) to get it home from where I bought it, and it seems to have survived just fine.