Slovakia Destination Wedding - "Zlatù Chic"

Hi! I'd like to share a few pictures from a Slovak wedding (below) and also some of the experiences from a Polish bride, who wants to marry a Slovak guy... it will hopefully help someone who is is similar situation.

She’s from Wroclaw, Poland (about 7h travel with Flixbus from Bratislava), her boyfriend is Slovak from Zilinsky kraj (about 2h by train from Bratislava). She has a permanent residence permit in Bratislava, speak Czech (so she can freely communicate with Slovak people) and they will get married in her boyfriend's city.

Things she need to get married in Slovakia, with Slovak guy: ID card, birth certificate (translated to Slovak), civil status certificate (translated to Slovak) + we have to pay 70EUR for marriage with foreigner.

I'd like to tell you only about documents but if you have any questions, feel free to ask Bea Drevnomulová. She has visited Polish Embassy in Bratislava in order to get some informations about procedures. People there were very nice and helpful, they explained her they can ask Polish registry office for her civil status certificate (30EUR) but there is no such possibility for getting birth certificate as it has to be requested by her personally or eg. her parents (but on the other hand her parents can't ask Polish office for civil status confirmation).

Her dad got birth certificate for her then. Just before going to the translator in Bratislava, she checked informations about needed documents at some websites. All of them were writing about a postille. She got stressed a bit and she called to the registry office where the whole celebration would take place, and a woman there, confirmed the postille is needed.

Then she called the Polish Embassy and she had been informed there is an agreement between PRL (name of Poland in the time of communism) and ČSSR (Czechoslovak Socialist Republic) existing since 1989 that Polish people don't need any postille when they want to marry a Slovak partners and vice-versa. When she called to Slovak registry office, she has been told that they just "didn't look to the documents in detail". Ok, one thing is explained and done. At least.

She went back to Poland, in order to get civil status confirmation. A girl at the office asked her if she would like to get "civil status confirmation" or "confirmation that there are no legal obstacles to get married". As she asked for the first one, after leaving the office, she called Slovak registry office just to be sure and a woman there, said she need the second document. So she went back to the Polish office and she had been told that sure, I can get it as well but she need to show them Slovak document (translated to Polish of course) that her fiancé is single. She went out to calm down and then she called the Polish Embassy and she has been informed THERE IS NO SUCH DOCUMENT IN SLOVAKIA. First one she got is enough and, if Slovak registry office would have problem with that, they can freely call embassy.

Right now everything is done, translated and they're looking forward to visit in Slovak registry office in order to complete all documents. She’s feeling totally exhausted, but probably someone will need such informations, and they won't be so stressed about these all procedures if they know this all in advance.