Wedding Park hotel Villa Grazioli, Rome / by Giuliano Bausano

Will your brother dress the same costume you both had had as a child, for your wedding day too?

One of the most beautiful reasons to be a wedding photographer is to have the chance to meet so many interesting people, to listen to them and to talk with them, be friends and each one has with his very personal and amazing story. Previously, I wrote here about how emotional could be a wedding speech "from sister to sister". Last weekend I had had the pleasure to photograph an amazing couple from the UK, Faye & Scott. They choose to be married in Italy at Villa Grazioli, an amazing Villa close to Rome, Italy. Very often you read about a couple which is nice, smiling, beautiful and funny... this is something really special for me, I did hundreds of wedding and it's the first time I can tell I really really adore this picture. I've seen a wedding photographer that turns couples into miniature people too but I've not seen before something like that, so I choose to write you also the story behind this picture.

"We used to dress up a lot when we were younger we had lots of different fancy dress outfits to play games in! My brother and sister and I are very close and really good friends. He loves the pictures  of us dresses as Batman and the bride so I surprised him with an adult version costume on the day of the wedding along with the picture and a note saying .. 'meet me in my room at 4.30pm to relive this special moment' when he came home he told someone at work about it and burst out crying!"


Wedding planner Daniela Castellarin di


Venue: Park Hotel Villa Grazioli