Wedding at Zichycho Palac, Bratislava (Slovakia)

Zuzka & Radko

Today we had an amazing wedding day with such a lovely couple in Bratislava. Zuzka & Radko had had a very intimate wedding and a civil ceremony at Zichycho Palac with closest relatives and friends.

It was a very intimate wedding because they invited only closest friends and families. They have 3 children, which aren't that quite hence there was a very funny and lovely atmosphere.

They have a very funny and symbolic tradition: their friends break a dish on the ground and the groom, with the help of the bride, clean it.

Zuska & Radko were very easygoing and taking pictures was very easy, with a lot of emotions in all the pictures because it was a very emotional day for everyone. The weather was nice too, for a winter day in Bratislava. It was sunny and not too cold. In this part of Europe, the weather changes very quickly.

In the evening, at sunset, she did throw the bouquet to her sister.