Villa d'Este, Villa Pizzo, Como lake

Wedding photography Italy - Ghada & Youssef

Ghada and Youssef are a very nice couple from Lebanon. They choose to have a pre-wedding welcome dinner party at Lido di Bellagio, on the lake and the wedding in Villa d'Este, for getting ready, then the wedding day continued at Villa Pizzo, for the reception.

They really love Italy but to choose to have a destination wedding, is something else. Mrs. Ghada Blanco was the one to convinced them, to go for a destination wedding. She previously visited many locations and fell in love with Como lake.

Although Youssef and Ghada trusted Mrs. Blanco blindly, he honestly couldn’t help it but have his fears. "Are we doing the right choice? We are scheduling our pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies in venues we haven’t even visited! What if the venues aren’t as beautiful as the photos look like? What if?". These questions were in the air, of course.

As he told me: “Alea iacta est” and he wanted to meet the persons they were going to be dealing with. They want to get to know them personally.

Italian welcoming attitude, transparency and our professionalism, quickly eliminated all his fears and replaced them with enthusiasm! After they met us, they haven’t even gotten back to read any single contract they have previously signed. They weren’t dealing with third parties anymore. They were dealing with a group of friends, who truly wanted their pre-wedding and wedding to be as successful as possible! (their words)

At the beginning of September, by boat, they start their adventure and their invitees discovered the beauty of Como lake. Arriving at Lido Di Bellagio, they fell in love with the premises. The pre-wedding ceremony was amazing. Everyone was euphoric. Yet, they had one question: if this is the pre-wedding? What will you guys keep for tomorrow?! :D

The big day came. When they arrived at Villa Pizzo by boat they said that the English language hasn’t invented yet an adjective to describe what they saw. It wasn’t perfect. It was miles beyond perfection. Especially relevant attention to details. Everything was flawless.
The invitees started to come. The venue. The flowers. The furniture and decorations. The reception. The amazing band. The talented photographers who captured every single moment of their fairytale. The dinner. The atmosphere. The beautiful Amelia and her team (Join us wedding planner) who dealt with this wedding with love and maximal professionalism.

Everything was perfect. As a result, after attending tens of clichés weddings in Beirut, all their invitees were amazed by their wedding. “This is the best wedding we have ever been to” was the least comment they have heard.

Right before the dinner, Youssef arrived with all his friend and their very symbolic and characteristic music. Therefore the most emotional moment, was when Youssef met the bride, arriving with her father!

In conclusion, they really enjoy the time they spent on Como lake and they did care for every detail to make the day flow perfectly! The party now can start and all the guest are dancing with them, having fun until very late night!

Wedding Planner: Join us wedding planner and Ghada Blanco
Catering: AFM Banqueting
Floral design: Rattiflora
Furniture and interior design: ProgettoNoleggio
Music e lights: Blunotte
Ice cream van: La Fabbrica del gelato