Tuscany wedding in Cortona

Wedding photography Italy - Lindsey & Seth

Lindsay & Seth planned their wedding in Cortona, Tuscany from the USA, and when they discussed getting married they knew right away that a destination wedding would be a perfect fit for them. They wanted an intimate setting where they could celebrate only with those who mean so much to them. They worried that at a large ceremony they would be greeting guests most of the night and not spending their wedding day connecting with each other, or their family. That’s why they chose to let the charming villa where they were staying, take center stage in their wedding and added simple but beautiful rustic touches.

They were both training to be physicians and met their first day of residency in computer training class.  The class was so boring they ended up talking more than learning the electronic medical record. She was dating someone at the time, but they became friends and stayed close for the next two years. They spent most of their time together, in group settings.  When her relationship ended two years later, she was hosting a dinner party.  All of their friends were called in to the hospital and it ended up being just the two of them making dinner. They talked all night and learned they had had so much more in common that she had ever imagined.  Seth proposed to her in Sedona, Arizona.  There is a stunning rock formation where there is a natural stone bridge overlooking the rocks.  He gave a couple his camera and they captured him getting down on one knee, proposing to her on the stone bridge.

Her most anticipated moment was actually a composition of moments.  What she most looked forward to was having their families witness Seth and her joining their lives together, and celebrating this with them.

There is so much pressure to have the perfect Instagram worthy wedding day.  It is easy to become stressed, or anxious about having everything go according to plan. Lindsey said:

embrace the imperfections of the day and focus on what is most important; your love story. Life is going to be imperfect and messy but you now have this amazing person to share the ride with you. Focus on your connection, your family, your future.  Everything else will fall into place.

Lindsey’s mother made several signs for the wedding including a banner that stated "Our story begins here" that she staged in front of a beautiful backdrop of Cortona and lavender and burlap "Mr." and "Mrs." signs on their dinner chairs.  The real decor of their wedding, however, was the beautiful villa they stayed in and the view of the countryside. They had a very simple wicker chairs set up to form an isle overlooking the backdrop of beautiful Cortona.  Their decor was simple yet absolute perfection!

Lindsey’s favorite flower is a sunflower. When she was a little girl, her grandmother would keep a pair of scissors in her car and she would pull over on country roads so they could cut sunflowers and make bouquets as she knew she loved them. Luckily, in Cortona sunflowers are in a stunning abundance so they used sunflowers to decorate the space and also as the bridal bouquet.

They wrote their entire wedding ceremony and put thought into each element.  It was important to them that they were blending both of their families together. They were taking pieces of their past and joining these pieces together, to form the groundwork for their new life together. They had each set of parents select a wine to bring to the ceremony and their parents poured a glass of wine for themselves and they then each poured a bit of their wine into the bride and groom glasses, forming a blended wine that they cheered, symbolising the blending of their two families. They also wrote each other notes to read on their one year anniversary, and sealed these in the empty bottles. Their favorite part of the day was celebrating with their families and watching everyone have such an amazing time.

Lindsey love classic lines and vintage looks, and she found a dress that she absolutely loved. It had a classic frame that was fitted with a slightly mermaid silhouette. The dress also had a dramatic high lace neckline and she paired this with jewellery that her mother gifted her, that featured pearls and silver. Her husband went with his mother who helped him pick out his wedding outfit.  She helped steer him away from jeans.   He chose simple grey pants with a fitted white shirt.  He bought beautiful Italian shoes in Cortona to wear for the day.