10 things I wish you knew about the wedding planner / Wedding in Montepulciano - Hotel Borgo Tre Rose

These days, especially in our wedding business forums, many colleagues discusses much about wedding planners. Many brides had had bad experiences, as they had a WP without a good level of her skills, not well organised, not serious enough, without VAT system, without knowledge of suppliers and roles, and so on…

It may happens that you prefer not to cooperate with the category at all, because someone has made trouble at the first opportunity… It is sad to see growing mistrust and discontent for that category, and even worse not see take serious this profession, so useful for couples as for vendors and suppliers.

From my personal experience, I can confirm that despite it’s a good practice to “select” who you’ll work with, my desire to work with WP does not decrease, but rather strengthens.

As in every other job, the difference is based on the person, on his/her character and problem solving skills.

Here’s what’s matter in order to choose the right wedding planner:

  1. First of all check between your offline resources, friend and family may recommend you someone they know would fit your needs.

  2. Check their online presence, and how they present themselves and they’ll ask you to know your company and the services it offers

  3. The first contact matters, meet ehm in person, if that’s possible. Ask if they’re trying to create a "draft proposal” together rather than ask the price list without even reading the couple emails and very often do not even have the budget idea of the customer

  4. Carefully read their contract and note if they follow the research that they are doing in detail, giving you the first useful info like spouses name, date, times, places and style to proceed to create a draft proposal

  5. They’ll be happy to collaborate with you and they’ll not manipulating you or giving you no options

  6. They have human timing, they respect your time and they understand that you not only have their budget to follow and they set a window of time for communications

  7. They confirm that the couple have received the proposal and make annotations/amendments to align it to the couple, for both style and budget

  8. If there will be a change in the schedule and/or in the plans of the day, they’ll inform all the vendors

  9. You won’t receive any useless phone calls or weird requests from them, based on their wishes and not the couple’s needs

  10. You do not need to see them running at weddings, they did all almost the work in advance