Wedding in Luxembourg & Belgium @ Chateau du bois d' Arlon

Elisabetta & Michele wedding was really special for me. They both grew up in Piedmont, in the north of Italy, close to France, like me. That means we share a similar background, somehow. They choose to go to live in Luxembourg and to have their wedding there. Their wedding was in August. Italy in August is a kind of desert. For many reasons, this is the month that 90% of the people go on vacation, to the Italian coasts. As a result, all the cities are completely empty, you'll see only foreigners around.

After many emails, to double check every detail, we did fly to Bruxelles where we rent a car till Luxembourg city, to be independent. We were concerned about the parking, to be honest, as they choose the Notre Dame Cathedral crypt for the ceremony, which is exactly in the centre of the city, despite that, everything was flawless as we were used to finding a park in Rome, which is always a higher challenge than Luxembourg, compared to that, find a park in Luxembourg wasn't that hard.

Michele & Elisabetta were very, very nice and caring for all their guests and with us too.

Elisabetta was very calm and not stressed at all, before the wedding. It wasn't easy to plan that all, with friends arriving from all over the world. Despite that, she carried on planning everything and well, when she finally put the dress on, and the ceremony was approaching, she realized it was really happening and she let the emotions prevail!

We spent few days there and the weather wasn't so bad. In Luxembourg city, it's rare to see the Sun, despite that everybody had a lot of fun that we didn't spend a minute without taking pictures!

The reception was in Belgium, just 30min from the city center of Luxembourg, in the Chateau du Bois d'Arlon, an amazing and very elegant castle!