For my beautiful little sister

For my playmate, my confidant, my friend. 

Wedding speech from sister to sister. If you have an older sister, you know how particular it is, to have her in your life. You never had the need to look for the best friend. Because sisterhood means having a friend who will be there for life, and who was there in its beginning. She shares memories with you that nobody else can connect to in quite that special way. Enjoy this lovely words full of real sister love.

Wedding Speech – sister of the bride

For my playmate, my confidant, my friend. For my beautiful little sister

We have made it. To this lovely place after a beautiful ceremony.

I want to thank Ciara and David for giving me the opportunity to be part of their special day. It is an honor.

The preparation has been an experience I can honestly say I have never had so many prosecco lunches, get-togethers, and celebrations. I have had so much fun with these two lovely ladies in organizing the hen, speaking of which I would say that I speak for all the girlies that after that weekend I didn't ever think I would want to hold another glass of bubbly again.

It is a joy to stand here and say Congratulations to my playmate, my confidant, my friend… My beautiful little sister.


What can l say about CJ the DJ? Well from a young age she has been very "independent". With the favorite saying: ”God help the man that comes home with a pound short in their wages to her when she grows up." (More about that poor sod in a minute). There is even video evidence of an over exaggerated foot stomping tantrum as I helped her with the words of wheels on the bus in 3 years old Ciara′s words "she saved somefing". To be fair that was after a rendition of silent night in my Soulful drone so that's enough to put anyone in a foul mood.

That sassy diva duckling has grown into this beautiful intelligent driven young woman (still a diva) but someone who is so extremely proud of.

Some things never change, though… Ciara has the nickname Bambi because her ankles just give way from under and more often, than not she is sporting a bruise of some sort. For the most recent years, alcohol has been to blame (ok it may have a helping hand in a lot of cases) but I can confirm that this was a condition CJ has had from childhood.


I remember the time we were staying at the Fitzpatrick hotel in Killiney and running about in the grounds as kids do, and CJ falls down some slippery rockery into a little pond slicing her knee open. Oh, it was a catastrophe there was blood there were tears… And that was just from me until a couple of very nice men came to our rescue helped her out assured us it was ok and off we went for another runaround. It wasn't until we bumped into them the next day in the car park and told mum he had helped us that we were told it was Bono from U2. Not that meant anything to us at the time.

Oh, the mischief we got up to.

Then one day we were standing watching the Gaelic match in the pitches and Ciara tells me about her previous night and meeting "David K.”... Well, that was the start of it. Oh, he was just "the best thing", he was so "cool". As a protective big sis, I thought aye we will see. Thirteen years on and Ciara has married "the best thing”.

However, it wasn't so "cool", a week later when Ciara came running into my bedroom with the phone to her ear, acting all "cool" to the person on the other end while mouthing “it's David K.”. After a few sentences of yeah well I'll maybe see you there Ciara came off the phone hopping with excitement. David just phoned me and he wants me to go to Wetherspoons. So besides herself, she promptly texts her partner my surrogate little sister Angela with “Oh my God, David is going to Wetherspoons we have to go, he is a gorg” that sort of thing.

Within a seconds Ciara was white as a sheet and had collapsed on her knees to the floor. She had sent it to Davy himself.

That brings me back to that poor sod I had referred to earlier. David, I am not going to say welcome to the family… Because to me, you are my family. Over the many years, we have smiled, bickered, laughed and cried as a family. We have all grown up together. Aside from the fact that they have been together forever l honestly do not think there is someone out there that would love my little sister as much or work as hard for her as you do David.

It is clear to see that the love you both have for each other is wholehearted and eternal. The type of love that you are both grateful for. I came across a quote recently about love it was "You are my smile, my laugh. my good and bad, my everything". That sums your relationship up.