Elegant wedding, Ca'Sagredo, Venice

Wedding photography Italy - Sara & Ben

The wedding day of Sara and Ben in Venice was really amazing! They're a very joyful couple from Canada and they're full of interests. They choose Venice as they travel a lot hence they were in a huge number of cities and countries already but they love Venice.

The city of Venice is so beautiful, many couples who were there for the first time told me: "I've seen the city in the movies and I did like it a lot, but I couldn't imagine it's so beautiful and romantic for real".

Sara: “We were heavily inspired by trying to create a natural feeling throughout the day. We didn't want to 'fake' or 'manufacture' artificial moments. We wanted a genuine venetian wedding with a very small and core group of friends/family. We took advantage of the unbelievably gorgeous rooftop at the Ca'Sagredo hotel. With that type of rooftop almost no wedding decorations were required. We bought some beautiful flower arrangements and a few personal affects on the day of the wedding.The personalization mainly came from the 2 hour walk around Venice we took with our photographers, touring tons of little alley ways as well as major attractions. We took a gondola ride, strolled around the bridges, and took a drink at a famous coffee shop. This was really one of the most memorable times leading up to the actual ceremony which was presided over by our best friend from Vancouver.”

Don’t try to cater or please to too large of a group. Sharing precious moments with the people you care most about is the most important thing in the world.

Ben: ”Sara was the real mastermind behind both outfits. She chose an extremely elegant dress that was truly authentic and heartfelt, not to mention completely picking out my suit. My suit was dark blue and tailored exquisitely. Sara's shoes also were something out of a movie, and made for some unreal photographs hanging by the window of the hotel. We met in Seattle when we were both working for different technology companies. This was Sara's second month in Seattle and I feel extremely fortunate, lucky, and unbelievably grateful to have snatched her up when I did. Some of the most powerful moments came in listening to the spontaneous speeches that came at dinner from our closest friends and families. We only had 11 people in total at our wedding which made for an incredibly intimate environment filled with tons of laughs, hugs, and tears.

Taking pictures here is something unique, the light is very particular here! The city has a huge percentage of humidity in the air and the light reflect and refract on the water, almost everywhere creating a voluminous effect.

We had had a lot of fun around Venice in Gondola, taking pictures in the most beautiful and romantic spots of the city and then we went back to 5* Hotel Ca' Sagredo, in the heart of Venice, to celebrate the wedding on the rooftop, with their family and closest friends.