6 reasons why you should cherish her to ensure happy ever after

Do you know what is very emotional about weddings and what very often take my breath away? Speeches. True stories of life. Full of love, fun, tears, and emotions. From childhood, through crazy "teenage" time till this beautiful moment which will change the life forever. I really love these moments, and I think it would be pretty inspiring to bring you few of them. So I asked some of the brides for permissions and I am very thankful, that now I can share this amazing stories with you. Enjoy and take the napkin in advance!


6 reasons why you should cherish her to ensure happily ever after

1st bridesmaid speech
I know we have all left work at home, we are on our holidays, however, you may be aware that Ciara works in PR. So I thought I would put together a pitch to Davy. These are the reasons why he should cherish Ciara to ensure happy ever after.

Number 1: Housewife

She is a great homemaker. You will never go hungry for spaghetti Bolognese. Ciara and Dolmio have ensured that this is her specialty dish.

She will always have a few candles on the go, and a cozy blanket ready for you.

The house is kept nice and tidy, so please Davy, don′t, for the love of God, don′t leave clothes more on the banister!

Number 2: Loyalty

By cherishing Ciara you will have a loyal friend for life.

For over 20 years I have been able to go to her with any problem, and I can always be sure that she will cheer me up.

Her laugh is one of the best sounds in the world, and do you know why? Because she is the best craic, she sees the funny side of everything. Davy, it is your job to keep her laughing.

Number 3: Independence

Ciara is an independent lady, however, she will always need you. Her ankles can give way at any time without warning, so you always need to be there to catch her, as I have done many times.

Number 4: Dancer

You will always have a dancing partner. The girls got skills. I know you witnessed these skills 13 years ago when you met at the coach. It may even be what caught your eye. So you can set her to dance the night away. Please note, she will find her way back to you when she needs a refreshment. So that’s your queue to go to the bar for a white wine, or a prosecco if she is feeling flush.

Number 5: Family

She has the best family in the world. From Imelda driving us to the lyric theater every Saturday when we fancied ourselves as thespians, to Catherine keeping a watchful eye over us through the teenage years. Davy, you are certainly gaining one hell of a family in law.

Number 6: Her knack for picking great friends

Ciara surrounds herself with people who truly care about her, we can see this from looking at all the people here today

I am honored to be her closest friend. Our ability to communicate with a facial expression alone, to finish each other′s sentences, and of course, our matching tattoos, means I know our friendship is unique, and I thank Davy for putting up with our shenanigans all these years.

But enough about Ciara, let′s take a minute to talk about her new husband. He has many desirable qualities and skills including his DIY abilities, or should I say DIY attempts – fitting the cat flap went well, just like the plans for the loft conversion, and the putting green.

But seriously, I am thankful to have Davy in my life, as he will tell it like it is, and is guaranteed to make you cry with laughter. Anyone can see how much he loves his beautiful bride.

Ciara, I have witnessed first hand how your face lights up when you talk about him, and how he can make you smile like no one else can. You are in love with your best friend.

Thank you, both for including myself and Nicky in your special day. I can′t wait for the Greggs and Kincaid′s to embark on this next stage of life together.

Please raise your glasses to MY best friends, Ciara and Davy – Mr. and Mrs.!