S. Maria in Tempulo a Caracalla - Villa Aldobrandeschi

There are a thousand of churches in Rome but, in case your choice was for a civil wedding, 90% of the couples go to the Town hall, Campidoglio. There's another option available. Since 2013, the church of Santa Maria in Tempulo it's the other choice, as it's a deconsecrated church in the center of Rome, which is now used for civil weddings and civil unions, in case you'd like a very romantic and historical, inexpensive venue to celebrate your wedding. The ceremony is very quick and after the reading of the law articles and the rings exchange, which will last approximately 15min, the guests and the newlyweds are led to a backdoor, used at the end of the ceremony to leave the room for the next couple. There's just a small note, there are too many pigeons around the church, because of all the rice the people throw, and there's not a WC. Despite that, it is still an amazing choice to celebrate your wedding at a 1000 years old church, as weddings can be held there by a city officiant.

This couple chooses to have the reception at Villa Aldobrandeschi, which is located in the west part of Rome, in the direction of the sea, very close to Villa Pamphili, and which has a nice garden,  a huge interior, and a swimming pool. It's a very elegant venue, available for any kind of event as their staff it's very professional and the food it's excellent. Note, it's not recommended for a small wedding, with less than 50 guests for example, as for its huge rooms. Amazing illumination at night. This venue is designed for wheelchairs and disabled people.