Which is The Right Music for your Wedding Film?

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A huge amount of the weddings held in Italy, happen in a church, and because of that and also because we're a traditional and Catholic country, most of the time the song to walk down the aisle is the Canon in D and for the first dance, during the last few years, the absence of a real, single, very popular song, led the couples to choose with their own head and based on their love, experiences, and mood! That’s happening with dance playlists and romantic first dance moments, as people aren’t asking the usual “ALL OF ME”, “SKY FULL OF STARS” or “DESPACITO”!

Despite the fact your wedding film are memories that will last for life and the songs selected should be according to the function and very appropriate, you may still like to have a different music for your wedding Film, that's why we are always asking to each couple which songs titles they would like us to use for the editing, and based on that, and our experiences and skills as a video editor, we're choosing what to use.

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As you can’t just search for “the perfect wedding song for this video” (wouldn’t that be great?) we're usually leaving this choice to each couple as we think that's mostly a personal choice; whether you want a song that's nostalgic, romantic, joyful or alternative or a combination of the four, as every wedding is different we just recommend to choose a joyful song for the getting ready chapter, a classic or traditional one for the ceremony, and a jazzy title for the reception; also a romantic one may happen to be very useful.

Do not underestimate the speeches! When you have captured great speeches during the wedding, it’s easy to mix in parts of the best man’s speech, and a few clips of the newlyweds and the audience may hear about how the couple met, or a a joke about his buddy while watching them exchanging rings, cutting the cake or dancing.

Which was/will be your preference for your wedding music/playlist? Last year, the most used ones were still the ones of Coldplay, Adele, Ed Sheehan and Michael Bublé let's what the 2019 will give :)