Chateau Appony - Our Lady of Sorrows, Vainory (Slovakia)

Let me start by saying that I'm just a destination wedding photographer, I’m moving from Rome to Slovakia as my girlfriend is living here, and this beautiful couple in the pictures is living in Rome, Italy and, as she’s Slovak, they choose their wedding to be held at the Lady of Sorrow church in Vjnory, Slovakia and to held their reception at the Chateau Appony, near Bratislava. So many questions and doubts did come up helping them to plan their wedding there, and I'm sharing my experiences in this post, which the wish that may be useful.

Do we really need a wedding planner?
I do warmly recommend you to have one, at least write to a few of them to hear which their packages are or if they got some special offer, I guess many people do underestimate how much passion and efforts they are putting for every couple and every wedding. You may think that you need a planner, others don’t so you may ask your villa or venue if they may even provide a similar service.

Chateau Appony-34.jpg

Who will attend my wedding?
The bride, the groom and his/her friends and families, have so much more time to spend together on a destination wedding than a few hours of a wedding in your town, as during the ceremony there’s usually no time at all to talk. Every wedding is unique and there’s not a standard rule to plan your wedding, unless that to keep in mind that’s your wedding and you’ll have to enjoy it, spend a huge amount of good time with quality people, so do not be too concerned or hesitating to exclude who’s not 100% giving good vibes about it. You’ll just have to understand who’s important to you and who you’re important for and some of those people will be traveling no matter where a wedding will be held. Try to make a tentative list of guests and decide who is likely to attend. There will be “courtesy” invitations to people that you know will not likely to travel, but some may surprise you. Always keep in mind that your costs will be per person so each guest will affects your final cost.

Which venue?
Think about your guests. Will they be able to spend just the weekend or more days? For a weekend wedding, the trip shouldn’t be over 4h flying time from where your guests will be traveling from. The more direct the flights, the better would be. I did write in another post about the most popular and recommended venues, villas, and rooftop of Rome, which may help you to choose between them.

I hope you’ve found this post interesting and I’m planning to write more about it so, if you’d like to tell me your doubts, questions or just to share your experiences, I’ll be happy to read and answer your comments :)