What to dress for an Autumn Engagement or Pre-Wedding 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 photo-shooting 📸 in Vienna, Steinhofgründe park 😍

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Months are getting colder. Leaves are already leaving their safe home on the tree branches. It was a great time to go outdoors in Vienna and have an prewedding photoshooting with Heiko and Damaris, whose wedding we will shoot next year in May, also in Austria. The question was – How to dress for the photoshoot like this?

Depending on the location, that you are going to choose with your wedding photographer, you might want to consider: staying comfortable in your own style, which means going for the clothes you would wear anyway or go little extra and get yourself a nice dress with high heals, wear a shirt even if you are normally not used to it or maybe even a suit.

Don’t be afraid to consult with your wedding photographer and tell them your vision of the photos or ask them, what are their ideas for the shoot.
- Are you going to do the photoshooting in the city or are you going to the nature?
- When abroad, is the destination that you consider busy, touristy area or are you going for more local, unknown place?
- Don’t forget to plan for the weather and have plan B, especially when you are doing a destination photoshoot.

There are few things that you should think about, when choosing your outfit for engagement or pre wedding couple photo-shooting:

1. Is it comfortable and will I be able to stay in it for few hours?

For example: wear light fabrics in the summer, go for layered style in the colder weather. Stay away from 12 cm heals if you are going to the forest and so on.

2. What colors suit me the best?

Some colours will work better with your skin tone, some compliments your eyes better. But also have in mind, where will the shoot take place (bright white on sunny sand beach is not a good idea). Also have in mind, that some patterns like stripes do not look good on photos.

3. How does my outfit work with my partners?

Make sure, you try on the clothes you want to take the pictures in and see how they work together. One should not overwhelm the other (the man chooses to take photos in his suit and the woman chooses jeans and leather jacket). We decided to have this engagement session in a nice park, Steinhofgründe park, so when Heiko and Damaris asked us, what would be the best to wear for them, the answer was: be simply yourself!

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Autumn weather, fallen leaves and bright colors like yellow, red and orange, that is something magical. Especially in destination like Austria, where the nature works in your favor. So in this case, it was great for the couple to stay away from colours that were too vibrant. Instead they chose natural, darker and more earthy tones. That way, the colors around them didn’t overwhelm the photos. On the contrary, they go hand in hand.

So remember – don’t be afraid to talk to your wedding photographer and ask them what they think. Share your ideas with your partner, try on few things and have a plan B. Let us know, what would be your choice for the engagement photoshoot outfit.

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