Who’s the most important person of the wedding? Everyone would answer the bride! Well, it’s time to give to the groom the importance that he deserve, to let him be a star of the wedding too! To let him choose the fun and the party and the ceremony that he wants to! As a gentleman, I know how much the groom love his future spouse. Dear groom, I’m a man too.


She’s your best friend and you just want her to be happy. She wants to look beautiful, she’s romantic, she’s sweet and nice but we’re just men! We’re easy! We’re simple. For us, men, it’s just important to have a good time with our relatives and friends at the wedding. I’ll care about it, it’s my job. I’ll be on your side and I’ll chase all real emotions, with huge discretion, in documentary and reportage style.

“Nothing is interesting, unless it’s personal” -Billy Baldwin

I'm a Giuliano Bausano and welcome to my fine art wedding photography website. I'm a very curious person, I love food and to cook by day, and I’m an amateur (but enthusiastic) Tai Chi practitioner by night. I'm hoping to work with you, listen to your wedding wishes and dreams, explain creative things to you, how I'm working and we put things together because at the end; this only works for me if it works for you, so I will be doing my best to make sure I'm concentrating really on you and your wedding, that's important to me.

I'm glad you're here and I believe in a brand new approach to the wedding photography: “I’m with the groom.” That’s why I've bring together for you the best wedding photographs I’ve done in the past few years, with bridegrooms too, from weddings around many countries, with people from different cultures and faiths, and I’m going to explain to you why I’m with the groom.

groom and bride.jpg

Through this website and it’s blog, I'm going to tell you several things that I've learned, over the past 10 years working in the destination wedding business, that I'm hoping will help you. I've had a very long journey into wedding photography, collaborating with the best wedding photographers in the world, and for me had been a deep endless passion.

From the first minute I picked up a camera on Costa Cruises ships, as a touristic photographer 20 years ago I had that passion, and when I was shooting last week I still had the same passion.


“Since our 1st email he was efficient, friendly, polite & on our wedding, he was a lovely presence, so many guests remarked on his cheery smile”

2017-04-29 Lauren & Sean, Hotel Quirinale, Rome

food: lasagna | store: armani | heels or flats: flats

drink: limoncello | music: chillout

color: light blue | photographer: A. Adams | lens: 35 mm


EMMA Magazine said
“the airy, romantic and fresh look has contemplative vibes, the colours are pastel, and there is a low tonal contrast between the foreground and background.”

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