Meet Giuliano

I’m client obsessed. I succeed when the couple is happy. The bride’s happiness is my target, she’s who make it possible for me to make a living doing what I really love.

// I'm an Italian wedding photographer and videographer, I did more than 400 weddings during the last 10 years, around Italy, Europe and once in the USA, with couples from every country and culture, also with more than 900 guests.

mission // my experience as a "reportage” photographer and videographer, my respect for each wedding and for each couple, my mission is to let them have a good time, to enjoy their friends and family, that’s leading me to make my job with huge discretion.


reviews // “the Dark mood has contemplative vibes, the colours are rich, and there is a high tonal contrast between the foreground and background.” - EMMA MAGAZINE

Names, Date, Venue, Photography, Wedding Album, Videography, and so on..